1. sweater weather
  2. 41일
  3. heart attack
  4. rainy day

about three things i am absolutely positive. first, they are life ruiners. second, there is a part of this kid, and i don't know how dominant that part might be, that thirsts for my soul. and third, i am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with jongin.

amanda, eighteen, sagittarian, lover of thick lips and eye smiles. tw: pervert, can't shut up, overly attached to everything. you've been warned.

do you sometimes remember too?
we were so young back then

au; Baekyeol in The Walking Dead

"When you care about people, hurt is kinda part of the package”

((living in smtown)) snsd; super junior; boa; f(x); exo; smrookies; shinee; tvxq 

넘어져도 그마저도, 
Even if I take a brutal fall,

널 위해서라면 감당할 테니,
I can manage if it were for you,

대신 나를 줄게 비록 날 모르는 너에게.
Instead I’ll give myself to you who don’t know me.

he can’t help but stare